As many of you know, Libby suffered a
brain aneurysm and subsequent stroke
just a few short weeks ago.  Although
her recovery is going well, she is saddled
with exorbitant medical expenses that
are not covered by Medicare.

We want to help!!

After 11 years of owning the shop, I literally have hundreds of quilts!  I've pulled 75
or so of them out and am selling them this weekend!  25% of the proceeds will go
directly to the Libby Lehman Medical Expense Fund!   Our goal is to send
$2,500 to Libby's sister who is managing the fund!  We'll tell you on Tuesday
what that amount is!  
Kerry of the International Quilt Festival in Houston is
matching the first $5,000 of any donations coming into the fund from around the
world, so your contributions will mean even more!

There are baby quilts, wall hangings, lap quilts, $5 quilts from years gone by, queen
size and king size quilts!  There are christmas quilts, wedding quilts, cotton, flannel,
batik!  There is something for everyone!!  
Cash or check only for these so that we are able to max out your contributions!!!

Thank you for making a difference!!

Thea and Friends at
14863 SE Oregon Trail Dr.
Clackamas, OR 97015
sewing machine service and repair