Twenty-Five and Four - NICU Baby Diaper Shirts

Twenty-Five and Four is a volunteer project is for NICU families.
One of the first things parents get to do when they find out they're pregnant is pick out their baby's first outfit. They get to go to Target or Buy Buy Baby, breeze through all the newborn clothes and pick the perfect one!
Well, when you have to go to the NICU, unexpected or not, that isn't always an option. Due to all the wires, IV lines and tubes, regular clothes don't always work.

Twenty-Five and Four, is helping to put the power back in the parents hands. You get to pick out the style you like and material that defines you and your family. Whether it's cute little butterflies or big trucks and airplanes, you as the parent get to pick out your little one's outfit. Just like you were supposed to be able to do in the first place.

Twenty-Five and Four, is striving to make quality shirts for the tiniest of babies. They want parents of these micro-miracles to be able to experience the joy of being able to put a shirt on their baby!

100% of donations are used to make sure every baby has a shirt that fits, making sure every parent gets the joy of dressing their little ones, no matter how small.

You can help by giving your time to sew these tiny "diaper shirts". JoJo Hall has organized a group that meets here at Quilting Delights the third Friday of every month. If you have time, please come and join JoJo to sew these tiny shirts. JoJo has everything that is required - patterns, fabrics, trims, etc. All you need to do is bring your sewing machine, white thread, and a 1/4" foot.

If you are interested or would like more information please contact JoJo directly. 
Her email address is

For so LITTLE time, this is something that can really make a very BIG difference!

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