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Interested in taking Classes?  Just Click HERE for our Summer/Fall 2022 Newsletter filled with exciting classes!

And hold onto your hats!!  We are ready to release our next AMAZING compatible attachment for the BERNINA bsr!!  Oh my goodness!!!  Here it is!

This will knock your socks off......a Stitch In The Ditch Foot compatible with the bsr!
Watch our "Knock Your Socks Off" Video HERE to see how great this compatible attachment is!!
Order yours now with our Take10 Coupon Code to get 10% OFF and FREE Shipping in the USA.  $16 Flat Rate Shipping for International orders.  Includes FREE Download Quilt Pattern.  This offer is valid through August 10th.  As soon as we start shipping August 10th, the discount will disappear.

Just click on the photo to the left to see ALL of our attachments in ACTION!!

Own a Bernina with a Stitch Regulator for quilting?
Be sure to purchase the compatible Ruler Work Attachments for even more successful straight line and curved quilting! 
Click HERE to order yours now!
FREE Shipping in the United States and FREE Patterns included.
Regularly $109  Through Friday, August 10th only $99
Check out our You Tube Channel for great classes and support!

Machine Embroidery with Claudia Dinnell in August! 
I'm telling you, it's worth it!  We have had so much fun with some interesting design elements arrive after a couple hiccups in the learning process...  an apron here, a goose there!!  Please call immediately (503) 658-1600 if you have ANY interest in joining us in August.  These slots are filling quickly.  We have zoom spaces available, too.  And, Babylock and Brother Owners are Welcome to join us!  Just need us to tell you the hoop size you will need for the project you select.

New Kaffe fabrics are also in the house!  Working on new 
patterns titled Hearts All Around and Floating Stars.

Patterns come in two sizes and two variations

This is a great beginning quilt!!!

New Quilts!!  In the Shadows is one of our newer patterns!  Finishing at 41" Square, it's the perfect size for a baby quilt or to try out some Extreme Quilting with us!  The Quilt above to the right is quilted by Gaby of Generando Bloques and we are producing the quilting template for you with her permission. 
Check it all out HERE!

MQR Machine Quilting Revival - For ANY Brand Quilting Machine

Join us in 2022 for these 5 Amazing projects!
  To help more of you improve your quilting skills....regardless of what machine you quilt on.....sit down or stand up......we have an Amazing 5 Part Program that will build your quilting skills over the next few months!!  You'll be so much better prepared and have an unexpected level of confidence when we are done!

Join us HERE to get the FULL Story on what you'll learn and how easy it is for you and any quilter to finish these projects This is for ANY brand sewing or quilting machine!  ANY brand Long Arm Quilting Machine, stand up or sit down.  Register HERE and Don't miss out!!

If you are a Sewing Machine Dealer/quilt shop and would like to offer this program in your store, please call us and we will be happy to help you!  (503) 658-1600

Machine Quilting Primer with your Bernina BSR and compatible Ruler Work Foot - FREE to those who purchased the BSR from Quilting Delights.  If you purchased it from a dealer, we can make it available to you, too!  Just let us know who you purchased it from so we can give them credit.....

Are you ready?  Here is our Newest support project for those of you who have purchased our Bernina bsr Compatible Ruler Work Attachment!  If you are interested in learning just how great your Bernina is for quilting and what you can REALLY do with the BSR.....this is the class for you.  No need to register as you'll automatically receive instructions on how to download the pattern and view the You Tube Videos for instruction.  You will be thrilled with the improvement in your quilting skills when you are done!

Pull fabrics from your stash and make the quilt top as shown.  We will deliver download instructions for a FREE digital pattern including Nine Quilting Templates to make this quilt extraordinary.  Coming to you no later than March 1st, 2022!


Snow Country Express Aug. 11-13, 2022

Another fantastic Machine Embroidery design from Claudia Dinnell. Snow Country Express has interchangeable scenes so you can make it more Christmas or Winter Wallhanging. Workshops are 3 days long. Hoop Requirements: stitch field must be 8" wide x 12" high or larger. (Bernina 7 or 8 Series Machines) You provide your own meals.

In The Shadows

Learn how to actually DESIGN your own quilting! Then you can quilt it, too! We are very excited about this two part class.

# 8439 Winter Wonderland by Sarah Vedeler

You can almost hear your favorite Christmas music playing, the warm fire crackling, and happy chatter from the family when you look at this beautiful collection. The Winter Wonderland Collection is the perfect addition to any traditions you already have in your family and a great invitation to start some new ones. With a total of 42 stunning machine embroidery designs (included as individual designs, formatted as basket panels, and formatted as tree skirt wedges) varying from stars, trees, and snowflakes to the traditional Christmas Village and fun train set you see around so many Christmas trees, this collection will have you wishing it was Christmas more often! 4 fun filled classes will be held starting in Aug. of 2022.

Aug 26
All Around the Neighborhood BOM
Aug 27
# 8439 Winter Wonderland by Sarah Vedeler
Aug 27
All Around the Neighborhood BOM

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