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BERNINA Presser Feet


Zigzag foot #0

Zigzag foot # 0 is a versatile all-purpose foot which beautifully handles straight-stitch and zigzag sewing projects as well as decorative projects and embroidery.

Reverse pattern foot #1/1C/1D

Reverse pattern foot # 1 / 1C / 1D is the ideal presser foot for sewing forward and reverse-feed utility and decorative stitches.

Bernina Presser Foot #2


Overlock foot # 2 / 2A


Overlock foot # 2 / 2A lets you neaten seams easily and sew high-quality hems, waistbands and overlock seams on knit fabrics.

Buttonhole foot #�3 / 3C


Buttonhole foot # 3 / 3C

Buttonhole foot # 3 / 3C is the natural choice for easy sewing of buttonholes with and without cording, and is also ideal for gathering with cord.

Buttonhole foot with slide # 3A  / 3C

3A - 199.99
Depending on the model, Buttonhole foot with slide # 3A / 3B / 3C determines the desired buttonhole length for identical buttonholes either via a sensor or manually.

Zipper foot # 4 / 4D


Thanks to its narrow, centrally positioned toe, Zipper foot # 4 / 4D can stitch very close to the zipper coils, allowing it to sew the zipper on neatly.

Blindstitch foot # 5

Blindstitch foot # 5 is suitable for sewing blind hems on all fabrics. When this foot is used, you can hardly see the stitching from the front.

Embroidery foot # 6

Embroidery foot # 6 features a wide channel in its sole for sewing appliqués and decorative stitching. There is also a small hole in the center of the foot for couching a narrow cord.

Tailor tack foot # 7

Tailor tack foot # 7 is suitable for marking seams on the fabric. It can also be used for attractive decorative applications such as 3D effects, fringing and fagotting.

Jeans foot # 8 / 8D

Jeans foot # 8 / 8D produces neat straight-stitched seams on tough, heavy fabrics such as denim, leather or canvas.

Darning foot # 9

The vertical spring action of Darning foot # 9 prevents the fabric from flagging and produces a neat stitch pattern. This foot is also suitable for free-motion embroidery.

Edgestitch foot # 10 / 10C / 10D

Edgestitch foot # 10 / 10C / 10D is ideal for topstitching, hemming and embellishing. Its special guide blade helps you sew perfectly straight seams.

Cordonnet foot # 11 – topstitch with ease

The special design of the BERNINA Cordonnet foot # 11 enables precise embellishment and topstitching with cordonnet thread as the upper thread.

Bulky overlock foot # 12 / 12C

Bulky overlock foot # 12 / 12C is suitable for sewing knits, as well as for making and attaching piping and cords.

Straight Stitch foot # 13

Straight Stitch foot # 13 enables pucker-free sewing of neat, even straight-stitched seams on all materials.

Embroidery foot # 15

With its oval shape and hopper mechanism with vertical spring, Embroidery foot # 15 is the perfect presser foot for all free-motion embroidery and darning projects.

Gathering foot # 16


Gathering foot # 16 is a wiz at gathering fabrics. If needed, it can sew a flat piece of fabric to a second piece of fabric while gathering the latter – in a single operation.

Button-sew-on foot # 18

Button-sew-on foot # 18 is the perfect tool for easy sewing of buttons, snap fasteners, eyelets and decorations.

Open embroidery foot # 20/20C/20D


Open embroidery foot # 20 / 20C / 20D is ideal for embroidering with your sewing machine. The indentation in the sole of the presser foot allows it to glide smoothly over dense stitches.

Braiding foot # 21

Braiding foot # 21 is ideal for creating stylish couched-cord embellishments with a consistent stitch pattern.

3-Groove cording foot # 22

With its grooves and swing-out latch, 3-Groove cording foot # 22 is ideal for the simultaneous couching of several strands of cording or yarns.

Appliqué foot # 23

Appliqué foot # 23 lets you sew even dense rows of stitches without a hitch – ideal for appliquéing and sewing mini-piping, as well as for traditional sewing techniques.

Free-motion embroidery foot # 24

Free-motion embroidery foot # 24 features a spring-loaded mechanism that prevents the fabric from pulling up with the needle (flagging) when embroidering.

5-Groove cording foot # 25

5-Groove cording foot # 25 is ideal for the simultaneous couching of several parallel strands of yarn or wool thread.

Embroidery foot # 26 (drop-shaped)

Thanks to its special tear-drop shape, Embroidery foot # 26 allows you to embroider with the embroidery module and to darn delicate fabrics.

Quilting foot # 29 / 29C

The vertical spring action of Quilting foot # 29 / 29C presses the foot firmly to your project, preventing the fabric from flagging and ensuring a neat stitch pattern.

3-Groove pintuck foot # 30

3-Groove pintuck foot # 30 is used when sewing pintucks with a double needle. The grooves enable you to sew parallel tucks.

5-Groove pintuck foot # 31

5-Groove pintuck foot # 31 is specially suited to sewing pintucks on medium weight fabrics when using a double needle.

7-Groove pintuck foot # 32 – for fine pintucks and smocking

7-Groove pintuck foot # 32 sews fine pintucks on light and medium weight fabrics and is a practical helper with smocking and entredeux.

9-Groove pintuck foot # 33

9-Groove pintuck foot # 33 is especially suited to sewing pintucks with a double needle on very delicate fabrics.

Reverse pattern foot with clear sole # 34 / 34C / 34D

Reverse pattern foot with clear sole # 34 / 34C / 34D lets you have a perfect view of the stitching and needle area. 

Invisible-zipper foot # 35

The diagonal grooves of Invisible-zipper foot # 35 enable you to stitch zippers invisibly into the seams of garments and accessories.

Patchwork foot #37/37D

Patchwork foot # 37 / 37D features special markings and a straight stitch opening and is ideal for patchwork and precision sewing.

Piping foot # 38

The right side of Piping foot # 38 is higher than the left side, allowing it to ride more easily over thick layers of fabric and sew mini-piping and trim.

Embroidery foot with clear sole #39/39C


Embroidery foot with clear sole # 39 / 39C provides a clear view of the stitching area and is an expert in decorative stitch patterns, appliqué, and satin stitching.

Sideways motion foot # 40C

Sideways motion foot # 40C enables multi-directional sewing, and allows you to sew out large sideways motion stitch patterns.

Free-motion couching foot # 43


Free-motion couching foot # 43 couches ribbons, braid or cords directly onto the fabric, letting you sew in any direction you wish with the feed dog lowered.

Echo-quilting and CutWork foot # 44C

Echo quilting and CutWork foot # 44C is your expert for quilting and CutWork projects. It’s also the ideal foot for free-motion embroidery and thread painting.