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Keepsake Clasp Purses


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Our Keepsake Clasp Purses are timeless and trendy for loose change and other small treasures!Vintage brass frames come in two sizes of crescent and rectangle shapes. Choose to stitch yourpurse with our coordinating applique/embroidery design, or adorable accessories.
Handbag in four sizes and styles: small and large crescents and rectangle shapes.
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Four Shapes of Clasp Purse Frames1. Small Crescent2. Large Crescent3. Small Rectangle4. Large Rectangle
All frames are vintage brass.Small frames come as a set of two.All frames come with the required paper cording.
Design information:Four applique designs available for the pursesFour non-embroidery designsFour Embroidery Designs (one for each shape of purse):1. Small Crescent Heart Clasp Purse:· Applique heart with raw edge, them embroidered over the top.· Fully lined· 3.5?2. Small Rectangle Clasp Purse:· let it bee?· Bee with. Mylar applique wings· Fully lined· 3.5?3. Large Crescent Bird· Applique and stitching· Fully lined· 5.5?4. Large Rectangle Butterflies· Applique butterflies, wing base is raw-edge applique with embroidery overthe top.· Fully lined· 7?
Four Non-Embroidery Designs for each size of clasp1. Pintucks?4 tucks 1? wide: fully lined, 3.5? with Small Crescent Clasp2. Pieced?with buttons: bottom is 1.5? (total height approximately 4?) andtopstitched, fully lined3. All-over quilting with Crocheted Edge Trim down the center, fully lined, fits 5.5Large Crescent4. Pintucks?6 tucks 2? wide; fully lined, fits Large Rectangle Crescent Clasp