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Mini Wool Pincushion

Mini Pincushion. These are too cute to pass up! And practical, too! These lovely little pincushions will make your quilting and sewing easier! Whether you are creating a garment, piecing a quilt, hand appliqueing wool or other fabrics, your pins will be right where you need them.

This pincushion is about 1.25" wide by 2" tall with a beautiful turned wood base! Not only is this pin cushion great for holding your pins, it is perfect for cleaning them! If your pins build up sticky stuff from either hand or machine applique, just run them in and out of the 100% wool ball to clean them up. The natural lanolin in the balls can also help smooth out some of the roughness that can build up on pins. You can also attach it directly to your sewing machine or table with Command Strips so it's easy to move around where you need it!

Each of these Mini Pincushions is proudly made in the USA! The individually turned wood bases snugly hold a 100% wool ball (densely felted) in a variety of inviting colors.

Choose from 18 wonderful colors for $12.00 each. Or combine with our matching Finger Pincushion in a matched set for $22.00. Savings of $2.00 for the set.

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