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# 52 Zigzag Foot, Non Stick Sole

Style: 5.5 mm

Price:  $ 42.50 
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Style: C - Coded Foot 9 mm

Price:  $ 75.00 
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Style: D - Dual Feed

Price:  $ 78.75 
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# 52 Zigzag foot 
*See Below for style differences

Zigzag foot #52

with non-stick sole

New Style the shaft has been squared off and has a solid post on the top front.

# 52 Red Box (Old Style) - for machines manufactured from 1954-1998
Top of the shaft has 2 posts and the back is rounded. 

Zigazg foot #52C

with non-stick sole

Zigzag foot #52D

with non-stick sole