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L Embroidery Module Bag - old style 5 Series Embroidery Modules

Embroidery-module bag L

Protect your embroidery module

The perfect accompaniment to the Embroidery-module bag L is the practical Suitcase L for sewing machines.
The Embroidery-module bag L is very sturdy and perfect for travel.
The many internal and external compartments ensure that there is plenty of space for embroidery accessories.
The Embroidery-module bag L can be attached to the telescopic handle of the Suitcase L or is easy to carry thanks to the adjustable shoulder strap. The Suitcase L for sewing machines is recommended as the perfect accompaniment to the Embroidery-module bag L.

Embroidery-module bag L dimensions:

X          19 Inch /    48 cm
Y         7.2 Inch / 18.5 cm
Z       20.3 Inch / 51.5 cm