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The TShirt Quilt Toolbox


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The TShirt Quilt Toolbox provides you with all the tools needed (except for your basic sewing supplies) to cut apart and turn your TShirts into a beautiful memory quilt!  Three pressing tools, 5 yards of the perfect interfacing and some other goodies that make the process easier!  You'll definitely want to do more after the first one!

The Toolbox contents retail for $ 109.99 when purchased separately. 

Special Introductory Pricing at $ 87.99!

20% Savings off Regular Price!

The TShirt Quilt Toolbox comes with:

*20" Square Amazing Fusing Mat
*18" Square Mesh Ironing Mat
*Silicone Iron Resting Pad
*Micro Fiber Cleaning Towel
*Colored Sewing Clips for Sewing The Tshirt Quilt Together
*5 Yards of Pellon Knit Ease Stabilizer for the back of 12-15 quilts
*FREE TShirt Quilt Pattern
*Link to FREE Private How-To Video
*Other great uses for these amazing tools