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Good Measure Every Feather 4 piece set - Longarm Quilting Templates

Every Feather - 4 piece set, Longarm Quilting Templates


  • Ruler is cut from clear 1/4" thick acrylic
  • For use with 1/4" ruler-work foot on any quilting or sewing machine
  • Helps quilter lay down accurate, repeatable design lines
  • Use to create a feathers in various sizes smoothly and consistently
  • Use with the Every Feather Spine template to quilt perfect feathers

Details: Good Measure - Every Feather 4 pcs Longarm Quilting Templates by Amanda Murphy is a set of four 1/4" thick rulers to be used as guides for machine quilting. Every Feather Plume helps you smoothly quilt plumes in various sizes Allows you to quilt borders or even taper an individual feather Combine with the Every Feather Spine ruler to make perfect feathers Rulers have markings that clearly indicate the previous row's quilting lines, not found on other ruler, not found on other rulers All have non-slip backing